Here is what we are hearing from engineers/engineering companies that require a CRM:

  • Comprehensive project planning and management.
  • Centrally managed customer contact data and project information.
  • Smooth communication with project partners and employees without loss of information.
  • Scheduled calendar dates for customer visits, colleague dates and information, new stock or stock refills.
  • Managing customer documents in one central location. Engineers vary for a singular customer; therefore, all engineers must have access to all customer data prepared for swap over.
  • A central database large enough to store all customer data, from sheer volume of engineering related visits.

Mobility, your CRM system fully involves all of your staff and integrates them seamlessly into all work processes. Staff can use mobile devices or a portal to access services, making the system incredible mobile for home workers to be convenient.’

The engineering sector  can also fall into the category of ‘Retail’ within Dynamics 365 so we will be happy to help and advise you on the correct licensing type, call and speak to us on 01299 382957