Major banks in the U.K are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to streamline operations, boost customer engagement and improve compliance. According to an Accenture study, using AI will help banks realize up to 20 to 25 percent cost savings related to maintenance, operations, infrastructure and IT operations.

Top five benefits of AI in investment banking

 Algorithmic trading: The top benefit of AI in investment banking is with respect to large algorithmic trading. Software tools with integrated AI applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 enable investment bankers to use vast amounts of data to provide suitable instruments and better value. Machine learning systems go through innumerable data points and gather granular trading information across the world to come up with smarter money-making strategies. These systems can self-learn and adapt to emerging market changes.

Efficiency– AI enabled insights help frontline staff and relationship managers optimize customer experience. AI-driven insight can find commonalities and patterns among varied data sets, enabling account managers to proactively engage with clients.

Customer insights – Traditional customer relationship management platforms were unable to analyze unstructured data. Microsoft Dynamics helps derive actionable insights from the platform, strengthening opportunities.

Sales insights – Predictive intelligence analyzes customers’ financial aspiration and buying habits that help investment bankers tailor targeted offers to customer sets. AI based insights help in fine tuning cross-sell opportunities.

Risk management – A recent McKinsey & Company report indicates 50 percent of banking staff is dedicated to managing risk-related processes and 15 percent of the staff focus on analytics. Machine learning boosts analytical capabilities in risk management and compliance to help you make more informed security decisions. With Microsoft Dynamics, you can optimize risk management with real time risk results that help in faster and accurate decision making apart from helping you meet regulatory requirements effectively.


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