Here is a list of common issues we are hearing causing Small business owners using ACT!, they are turning to community forums for help.

1, Since upgrading our system are losing leads when we try to save the details
2, One way synch is failing with Outlook
3, We can’t connect to to the cloud for customer data
4, When we get into technical difficulty we have to re-install our software
5, Act! users with Gmail integration will no longer be able to sync contacts, calendars or record histories to their Act! database, Your CRM app will no longer have access to your Gmail data
6, having to log in to access different databases

We offering a FREE ACT data migration and FREE discovery time to help you move from ACT to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to overcome these issues that we are reading about, Microsoft Dynamics is Cloud based and is a monthly subscription with no yearly ties in all built on Microsoft technologies. If you want to move to the latest Microsoft Technologies contact us on 01299 382957 or e-mail