Are you a Healthcare Industry Supplier looking for what a CRM can bring to your business ? we have some insights after completing a large CRM integration project.

  • Working with a large product database that is used to supply public and private healthcare industry
  • Implementing inventory management
  • Deep data insights with supplier and customer data.
  • Intelligence around projected spend based on previous behaviour
  • Streamline processes and efficiencies by implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Reduced labour cost around manual process and dependances of Spreadsheets
  • Managing complex contracts and relationships with Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Working closely with the sales teams around calls and activity, entertainment expenses, lead tracking, opportunity management and quote creation


As a Microsoft Business Partner we will consider your company’s goals, teams and budget, unearthing the features that you need from your new CRM system.

We will then discuss the complexities that your business is facing, and we will be happy to set up a demonstration and discuss your requirements, showing you the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

To arrange a demo or a chat just contact us