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Rapid deployment in 3-5 weeks?

Configuration to delivery can be as little as 3-5 weeks, even if you have legacy systems. Dynamics 365 will also scale as your company grows.

Stay connected to your team in a remote working world?

Microsoft has just unveiled Viva which is an ‘employee experience platform’. As you would expect it still encompasses Teams and Microsoft 365, which are a must-have for any remote working team as they facilitate collaboration - which in-turn increases productivity. 

Grants are available in Wales

We are in our third lock-down and remote working at this point is beginning to look a lot like it’s the future. A cloud-based CRM means your data can be seen in real-time, across all media devices - keeping your 'remote' team connected.

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates ensure business continuity during the pandemic

Prioritize the safety and well-being of its employees and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Supporting local businesses

We have just launched our new website; we feel the content on it is a good starting point for SME’s thinking about integration or finding a CRM option. Please let us know what you think.

Grant Thornton closes new opportunities faster with Dynamics 365 Sales Insights and AI

Grant Thornton is a global public #accounting and consulting firm that serves the largest global companies in the world, both public and private. With @Azure and #Dynamics365, they tie macro-level economic trends to micro-level needs and deliver that information to team members around the world.

Sell smarter with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365

In this video, you'll see how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Office 365 go beyond sales force automation to...

Healthcare provider improves customer experience and business operations with Microsoft

Regina Maria is a leading provider of healthcare services. Microsoft equips them with technology to...

New Year’s resolutions…

Inturi would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2021. 

The digital shift in 2020

Lloyds Bank’s ‘2020 Transformation with tech’ report says almost half of the UK’s micro-businesses...

Local grants for Birmingham and The Marches regions

We are just taking another look this week at Grant's, as it really is worth businesses checking them out this year.

England has 38 LEP Growth Hubs

England has 38 LEP Growth Hubs which provide practical support and guidance to the thousands of...

Why aren’t your customers listening to you?

"Why are my customers not listening to me?" is a question frequently asked by frustrated marketers...

Risk by the numbers: 15 cybersecurity stats that matter most to your business

77% of businesses report that they would benefit from knowing more about cybersecurity best practices.

The power of relationship selling

In this report—a collaboration between Microsoft and Heinz Marketing—you'll find insights...

Microsoft’s Activate Digital Selling solution can help reduce costs and optimise sales

When you activate digital selling with Microsoft, you equip your organisation with a streamlined...

Protect against cybersecurity threats with Microsoft 365

We get it. You’re busy. You need to focus on your business and don’t have time to be hindered by...

Jumpstart your digital transformation with CTO as a service?

To be competitive in this digital age businesses need to implement a strategy and measurable...

Home-working is the new normal with D365

Big thanks to Emily Collis @emilyjcollis, Chief Reporter at the Kidderminster Shuttle for doing a super article on us. 

A low code, no code solution to CRM or ERP?

Historically a developer would have created the whole of your business solution for you...

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for charities?

Charities survive because of the generosity of volunteers giving their time and their donations...

Transform your SME business with Dynamics 365

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, there is no need to invest upfront in an expensive...

Elevate the customer experience with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

With the Microsoft Forms re-brand to Customer Voice now complete you are guaranteed...

Modernize sales productivity

Are you exhausted at the end of your workday, trying to sort through of all of the information...

Outgrown your current CRM solution?

Businesses scaling up over a period of years often find that they have employed disparate...

First impressions

In my career I have worked for various companies who have utilised CRM systems. It no-longer shocks...

Would Microsoft Dynamics 365 work for my business?…

There are hundreds of CRM suppliers to choose from, but Microsoft Dynamics 365 is pushing the...

Could your business benefit from a Sustain and Grow Grant?

Businesses in Worcestershire can benefit from a Sustain and Grow Grant for transformation...

Microsoft Dynamics Sales Insights

Microsoft Dynamics has AI infused sales insights

The new ‘working from home’ adds complexity and security risks

Have you found that your business now has to control the access to applications, systems and...

Activate your Digital Sales or Build Agile Business Processes – Emergency Response

The Business Application response offers are a set of programs available for customer who...

Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: CRM Lead Management

Gartner Peer Insights compares vendors' customer relationship management (CRM) systems...

Helping you with the costs during COVID-19 – Upto 50% off

Looking to update your systems, do you have Basic accounting software, disconnected data...

Buying is a journey

Go beyond transactions and interactions to give your buyers unique experiences that build trust.

How to accelerate digital selling with Dynamics 365

This video provides an overview of the sales accelerator in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights.

Improve Sales Productivity and Remote Selling with Sales Accelerator

As if managing the sales cycle wasn't already complex, the limitations of a world restricted...

Dynamics 365 & Office 365 Working as One

Imagine your business has a new sales opportunity. Different teams need to work together to...

6 Strategies to Boost Sales Productivity

Are your fragmented sales tools lacking the visibility you need into your prospects and...

Igniting SMB Growth with Exceptional Customer Experiences

Today's customers have higher expectations for buying experiences.

Five revenue killers and how to defeat them

Have you struggled with creating amazing marketing campaigns that just don't drive revenue?

Customer Story: Argusi

Do you struggle with fragmented business applications that are difficult to use?

The Top 10 Reasons Why SMBs Should Invest in the Cloud

Cloud adoption is well underway but when it comes to making the move, Microsoft research...

Using Dynamics 365 Product Visualise using augmented Reality

How do your sales team demonstrate your range of products on a customer site?

Business Central AI Infographic

AI isn't just for large businesses. The built-in AI capabilities in Business Central 365 make...

Remote work checklist

Remote working, virtual learning, online living—the COVID-19 situation has required a shift from all of us.

K3 Dynamics customers

During these troubling times we have heard that a Microsoft reseller K3 has closed...

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Automatically transcribe and analyze customer emotion, sentiment, conversation content, and speaking...

Drive accountability with advanced forecasting in Dynamics 365 for Sales

We are excited with the latest release of Dynamics 365 for Sales. See below a video with a quick overview.

Industry Accelerators Health, Nonprofit, Automotive and Health

Microsoft are adding these industry accelerators in the 2020 April release (wave 1 2020)

Technology can rule you or be your tool

Find out more about your digital CRM solution today.

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We have been working with Clare Kay, CEO of Inturi, for many years. We find communication is easy with Clare as she can explain things that are highly technical in a clear and concise way.
Nikki Riddle - Marketing Manager
The Licences I have presently are at manageable costs and I know I can scale up over the years by buying more. The advice I have had from Inturi has been invaluable and I will consult further with them as my business scales.
PronoKal UK - Doctor Philip Bazire
Receiving both positive and negative feedback from our customers has always been really important in helping us to minimise client churn and in providing us with testimonials and reviews.

The new system allows branches to receive all feedback from the surveys in real-time.
Paul Stairmand - Senior Marketing Manager
Toby, Clare and the team at Inturi constantly provide helpful solutions to how Businesses can operate more seamlessly and efficiently. Cant help but to be impressed.
Clover HR - Michael Doolin
An amazing team, great products. Really helpful and professional.
Toner Estate Agents - Charlotte Jones
Great, knowledgeable team that managed to deliver to our tight timeframe. Would recommend.
Cowry Solutions - Nigel Ridpath
Close contact with the development team, listening to their explanations, meant that I acquired a deeper understanding of the platform and was thus able to help my employees move seamlessly from the old to the new Dynamics 365 CRM. My team took to it immediately and the feedback from them was duly fed back to Inturi, who used it to further enhance the user experience.
PronoKal UK - Doctor Philip Bazire
Professionalism, Responsiveness.
Liberty Jai - Jerrad Hampson
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.
Vietec - Danielle Connelly
Excellent friendly service, created the best solution to meet our needs, highly recommended.
Clover - C L Howitt
We have been working with the team at Inturi for over 6 months and they have significantly opened our eyes to the possibilities available to us through their knowledge on digital transformation, CRM and Microsoft technologies.

They have guided, advised and managed our own APP development ideas, and are very much our preferred technology partner.
Benjamin Drew - Director of Innovation & Skills