A low code, no code solution to CRM or ERP?

Historically a developer would have created the whole of your business solution for you.

But now with Microsoft Dynamics 365 we have entered a world of ‘low code no code’, which means once the initial platform is configured with the business specifications the product can be delivered, and the people closest to the business, your employees, can make the apps that you need from the platform by ‘drag and drop’. 

97% of the Fortune 500 companies use the Power Platform as it connects literally all the data from every sector of your companyApps can then be built for your Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Departments that are specific to their needs; the information displayed is pulled directly from CRM in real-time so there is no duplication of workflows 

A low code solution means updates are risk-averse too. Microsoft has developed verticals for all sectors so there is less coding for your developer, speeding up project delivery. Inturi will step into the role of CTO once D365 is delivered, as scheduling and testing updates are part of the Inturi package. 

Power BI reports created from your apps can be viewed across all media platforms using teamsTeams include many of the platforms that your employees’ will have already come acrossincluding Word and Excel, making deployment and training straight forward.  

The Microsoft Power Platform caters for CRM and ERP providing a central place to store customer and prospect data, track customer interactions, and share information with colleagues. This scalable system, where simplicity is key, will promote confident employee culture, which will translate to increased productivity and sales. 

For an informal chat on D365 please do not hesitate to give us a call today. 

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