Elevate the customer experience with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

With the Microsoft Forms re-brand to Customer Voice now complete you are guaranteed a see-at-a-glance, 360-degree view of your customer, without having to toggle between apps, so you can proactively elevate your customer experience. 

Real time feedback creates a unified view of customersso you can: 

  • Stay connected 
  • Build stronger relationships 
  • Deliver better experiences 

The main premise of the app is the use of surveys, which are templated for quick adaption by the user, and the options are comprehensive – so you’ll not be stuck with aspects you don’t need. Your surveys can be sent at a timely point in the journey or on a schedule by email, or can be embedded into a website, with a link sent to the customer.  Also, if you are canvasing at a conference, for example, you can even generate a QR code, so you can generate survey results on the move. 

You’ll have the option of the following survey features: 

  • Multi-choice 
  • Rating 
  • Date picker 
  • Ranking 
  • Matrix rating (using Likert) 
  • Score (Net promoter score) 

The information generated is immediately on CRM so colleagues, are in-the-know too, so there’s no chance of duplicated workflow. The insights on your dashboard will trigger immediate responses, so your customer experiences faster response times 

Within the Satisfaction metrics Microsoft Dynamics 365 have included Sentiment; this is where Power BI comes into its own and gets the best out of your CRM. It can literally recognise ‘the sentiment’ in the feedback you receive using AI; allowing you to respond with the next best action and measure your clients NPS score. Now you can swiftly address negatives, so the customer is reassured that you have gone the extra mile to put things right, and reward positives to bolster customer loyalty. 

Put simply Customer Voice will enable you to have a holistic view of a customer and their complete journey with your company. You can track their progress and gain insights from their feedback. Your Customer service team will also be on the same page with interactions, so they are able to meet the customers’ needs comprehensively, building up customer loyalty. 

Customer Voice is included in the monthly Licence for Dynamics 365 and will allow you up to 2000 responses a month, but more can be purchased if you go over. For more information on Customer Voice and what Dynamics 365 can do for your company, why not give us a call today? 

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