First impressions

In my career I have worked for various companies who have utilised CRM systems. It no-longer shocks me when I receive the in-house training and I’m told; We don’t use this aspect as no-one knows how to work it. Surely this should be shocking?! 

I have just started with Inturi Technology Solutions and have been introduced to Microsoft Dynamics 365. I’ve just been included in an onboarding meeting with a new client and I felt empowered by how comprehensive the platform is. The client had previously provided Inturi with their business requirements and a sample version of their solution was built. What the client and I immediately realised is that the Power Platform is highly adaptable. 

The client is a Recruitment consultancy, which is a business sector I hadn’t expected to be considering Microsoft Dynamics 365, as I’d only seen CRM used in a Sales context before. The CRM system adapted beautifully to store company and candidate data, track interactions, and to share information with colleagues and candidates. 

I’m now a complete convert to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and I can’t wait to learn more! All in all, it’s been a great first month at this dynamic company. 

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