Integrate marketing natively in your CRM with Click Dimensions

By integrating your marketing technology with Microsoft Dynamics, you will have the ability to create more personalized marketingalign sales and marketing efforts, and increase productivity.

With your marketing platformunderthewing of Dynamics 365 visibility is assured, and complex marketing functionally can be harnessed from the Dynamics 365 dashboard with results going directly into the CRM. 

 Click Dimensions – There is a significant difference between a marketing solution that is merely integrated with and one that is natively built within Microsoft Dynamics. These differences in architecture make for vast differences in results, which can have a tremendous impact on entire organizations. 

Inturi Technology are partnered with Click Dimensions and recommends their offering for our SMB’s to enterprise-level businesses. Currently, we are working on an ongoing basis with one of the primary UUniversities and for them, Click Dimensions has represented the best value option. Historically, within the Universities departments, different marketing platforms had been used to create disparate systems, which was time-consuming and hard to quantify. 

Example dashboard

This shows how Click Dimensions functionality sits natively within the D365 dashboard.

Add value with Click Dimensions 

Having an integrated marketing solution can help organizations realize a greater value and ROI from Dynamics, Power Platform, Office 365, and other Microsoft solutions. Being natively built-in will increase adoption and use by marketeers as Dynamics 365 becomes a marketing automation platform, which includes all the attributes you’ll need for: Email marketing, social media marketing, and event management. 

Customer service and HR & training departments will also find added value using Click Dimensions functionality, such as forms and surveys. 


Further reading on functionality can be found on our Click Dimensions page. 

Easy Deployment 

The beauty of both Click Dimensions and Dynamics 365 is that it can be deployed in stages, which education establishments and businesses find invaluable, as after each deployment, staff are trained and asked for feed-back. The feed-back informs Inturi technology of your establishment’s nuances so the final tweaks to the platform make your system unique to your establishment. 


With natively built-in Marketing technology all sales and marketing leads, contacts and accounts records can be tracked end to end on a single platformSilos are broken down, so moving data between systems becomes a thing of the past, and accurate reporting can be gathered at every stage of the pipeline in real-time. 

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We have been working with Clare Kay, CEO of Inturi, for many years. We find communication is easy with Clare as she can explain things that are highly technical in a clear and concise way.
Nikki Riddle - Marketing Manager
The Licences I have presently are at manageable costs and I know I can scale up over the years by buying more. The advice I have had from Inturi has been invaluable and I will consult further with them as my business scales.

The Dynamics 365 healthcare vertical and has everything we need, meaning that it can be configured to a bespoke structure for us. In addition, all system updates from Microsoft will automatically transfer to our cloud-based CRM
PronoKal UK - Doctor Philip Bazire
Receiving both positive and negative feedback from our customers has always been really important in helping us to minimise client churn and in providing us with testimonials and reviews.

The new system allows branches to receive all feedback from the surveys in real-time.
Paul Stairmand - Senior Marketing Manager
Toby, Clare and the team at Inturi constantly provide helpful solutions to how Businesses can operate more seamlessly and efficiently. Cant help but to be impressed.
Clover HR - Michael Doolin
Great, knowledgeable team that managed to deliver to our tight timeframe. Would recommend.
Cowry Solutions - Nigel Ridpath
Close contact with the development team, listening to their explanations, meant that I acquired a deeper understanding of the platform and was thus able to help my employees move seamlessly from the old to the new Dynamics 365 CRM. My team took to it immediately and the feedback from them was duly fed back to Inturi, who used it to further enhance the user experience.
PronoKal UK - Doctor Philip Bazire
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.
Vietec - Danielle Connelly
Excellent friendly service, created the best solution to meet our needs, highly recommended.
Clover - C L Howitt
We have been working with the team at Inturi for over 6 months and they have significantly opened our eyes to the possibilities available to us through their knowledge on digital transformation, CRM and Microsoft technologies.

They have guided, advised and managed our own APP development ideas, and are very much our preferred technology partner.
Benjamin Drew - Director of Innovation & Skills
The Inturi team assured me that their adaptation of the Dynamics 365 environment would always be under my control. I have the assurance of knowing that another Microsoft partner would be able to step in - I would like to add, that I have no reason to think that I would part with Inturi though.
PronoKal UK - Doctor Philip Bazire

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