Jumpstart your digital transformation with CTO as a service?

To be competitive in this digital age businesses need to implement a strategy and measurable goals to build a solid foundation.

Companies reacting to Covid-19 might well be employing implementation rapidly which will push IT departments from a ‘support role’ to a ‘strategic one’ to bridge the gap – realistically this is the role of a CTO. 

SME’s often struggle to afford a CTO, but If you are evaluating a new technology or migrating/modernising your technology stack a CTO would not only bring cohesiveness to your methodology but ensure your business has the right solutions – saving you time and money. When you partner with Inturi Technology Solutions, your point of contact will be a dedicated and experienced architect, who will liaise with existing partners or seek out new ones, if required. Your Inturi architect will be able to design, orchestrate and implement the solution that you need. Having then built solid foundation for your organisation, your Inturi Architect will be with you as your business grows, and you overcome new challenges. 

Moving forward Inturi will help you identify possible, risk areas for the organization and develop plans to remediate those risks, then execute them. We will also aim to take your IT departments ‘pains’ away and work with them to move forward. 

Our objective is to provide robust and scalable solutions that meet your business needs with the ability to flex and adapt as you grow. We will always recommend configuration over customisation, wherever possible, to ensure your business platform is low maintenance and stable. 

We strive to provide measurable benefit and value to our customers, using cutting edge technology, to help you and your business achieve great things. Why not give us a call for a no-obligation chat. 

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