The digital shift in 2020

Lloyds Bank’s ‘2020 Transformation with tech’ report says almost half of the UK’s micro-businesses would have ceased trading during the pandemic without a shift to digital.  

  • 73% of micro-businesses that continued to trade throughout the crisis did so by adapting their business.  

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, 49.2% of adults in employment, now work from home. A partially remote 3-2-2 strategy has been adopted, from which, companies and employees have both seen benefits – we predict this will continue long after the pandemic. 


For the last few blogs this year we have emphasised that there are Growth Hubs with Grants and Loans available for companies to transition to remote. Please do not hesitate to contact us for help with applying in readiness for next year. 


Happy Christmas from the beautiful town of Bewdley. 

Best wishes 

Team Inturi 

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