The new ‘working from home’ adds complexity and security risks

Have you found that your business now has to control the access to applications, systems and colleagues for everybody who works remotely?

The new ‘Working from home’ model has added lot’s of complexity for businesses that simply don’t know how to accommodate all this additional workload.

Your overworked IT professionals and key staff are now forced into making decision around supporting all these new remote users, no doubt you will have concerns with allowing private Wi-fi, internet access and home computers onto your corporate network.The risk of phishing attacks and network security is probably at its highest.

Two third of business do not have a ‘Zero Trust’ framework in place putting themselves at great risk. Your company may not have the resource or expertise to understand these issues that are now the ‘new world’ since COVID-19, as a Microsoft business partner our applications have security at the forefront and built on a zero trust approach.So using this approach you can validate new devices, data and users using Microsoft technologies.

We specialise in Business Applications by securing your data and improving your business processes in all of your business areas. We would love to hear from you and always happy to have a conversation about your systems.

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