Financial technology or fintech has occupied centerstage in money management in recent times. From simple banking, loans, mortgages to debt consolidation, banking experience is increasingly being digitized.


The 2019 PwC Global Fintech Report indicates that 48 percent of financial services organizations have incorporated fintech completely into their operating model. Besides, 37 percent of financial services firms have integrated emerging technologies with the services and products they sell.

A growing number of financial institutions are benefiting from incorporation of fintech applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 to redefine customer experience. The tool offers plenty of tools including Office 365, Dynamics 365, multichannel customer engagement tools, data analysis and management.

Customer centric features of Microsoft Dynamics

Here are some ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 can boost customer experience

Omni-channel – With a connected communication platform, your customers can reach out to you through their preferred channel whether it is phone, email, events, SMS, CTI, social media or website.

Actionable insights- At the core of the fintech application is customer intelligence which refers to gathering and analysis of huge volumes of raw data on customers. Real-time availability of data along with AI enabled analytics tools enables financial services to become creative and tailor their services based on customer needs.

Quick query resolution – Microsoft Dynamics enables assignment of the right question to the right team to ensure efficient query resolution. You can define highly complex assignment logics  that are skill, category, customer or branch based via a smooth interface.

Efficient TAT management– Users can define the turnaround time (TAT) metrics based on customer satisfaction rating, service type, customer type or any combination of parameters. Automatic reminders and notifications of any TAT breaches are generated on Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboards with real time SMS, emails and day-end reports. With a definable escalation matrix for each query type, you can ensure that the top management is aware of any TAT breaches immediately.

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