Securing Your Customer Data

As a forward-thinking financial services firm, you are, no doubt, constantly evaluating ways to optimise customer relationships and to build trust in your firm. Customer service organisations, such as banks, generate large amounts of data with every interaction. Protecting the sensitive personal information of customers is a top priority for financial firms.

In recent times, public and regulatory scrutiny of personal data privacy has been stepped up globally as a result of serious data breaches and growing concern over the commercialisation of personal data. From GDPR in the European Union to California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), there is an ever-increasing body of legislation being introduced across state, federal and international levels.

By proactively investing in data privacy processes and controls, financial institutions can strengthen their customer-centric focus. These controls help institutions position themselves as a trusted and safe bank and increase customer engagement.

How Microsoft Dynamics helps secure customer data

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates enterprise resource planning (ERP) with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and provides a 360˚ customer view. This helps you get a complete picture of the clients you serve.

The platform enables you to stay compliant with data privacy regulations with built-in governance and corporate security tools while giving you complete ownership of data.

The Common Data Service makes it easy to manage and secure data in these ways:

  • Governance and security policies are set and applied across all workloads and data.
  • Finding, curating, and sharing data is made more efficient, which enables easy access to data that is trusted.
  • Even when data moves across different supported infrastructures, the security policies stay with it.


A recent survey indicates that safety and trust are the primary aspects that customers seek in a financial institution. By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics AI, firms can analyse customer data to look for suspicious activities and resolve potential issues.  Find out how you can secure your customer data with Microsoft Dynamics. Please call us on 01299 382957 or e-mail