93% increase in opening rates using automation

Integrated data migrated from Email marketing can be accessed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 in real-time, by both Sales and Marketing teams, creating timely responses for your present and future customers. 

 Email marketing is still the most cost-effective ROI. It is estimated that 4.48 billion people will be using email by 2024. 



AI insights from Power BI

AI insights from Power BI facilitate a seamless customer/donor journey, as the marketeer can see a 360-degree view of each customer. Omni-channel marketing is enhanced as automated responses that can be personalised, and tailored to entice specific tribes. 



Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates with three of the best available marketing platforms. Inturi endorses all three and will help you to choose the right solution that is cost-effective for the size of your operation:


Click Dimensions

Microsoft has partnered with ClickDimensions creating a platform that supports promotion, engagement and conversion for new and existing customers. Customer journeys can be personalised and automated using a simple drag and drop functionality.
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Dot Digital

Dotdigital guarantees speed and ease for omnichannel marketing. B2C, B2B, and NFP marketers can import data, build segments and create marketing campaigns. Drive more qualified leads, or donors and increase ROI.
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Mail Chimp

Deliver flexible experiences based on behaviours using automation to increase click-through rates.
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