end-to-end solutions for the private sector

With over 20 years’ experience with private sector clients, Inturi will provide end-to-end solutions that empower employees and their customers.



Identify trends with real-time statistics, which enhance productivity. Empower your brokers with a collaborative culture and build pipeline success.

D365 enhances:
- Broker engagement with a 360-degree view of customers.
- Pipeline management with real-time dashboards.
- ‘Team’ collaboration using D365 Teams app, keeping all departments connected.
Private Sector


Members expect a streamlined experience. They want to access your systems on-the-go; on the device they choose. D365 enables a 360-degree view of members, in real-time so personalised experience is guaranteed.

D365 delivers:
- Online portals for members to sign-up, renew, book and access resources.
- 360-view of individual members for personalisation, cross-selling or upselling.
-Integrate marketing and well-used social media channels to produce real-time reports.
Private Sector

Professional Services

D365 enables a 360-degree view of customers creating a real-time interactive sales pipeline for cross-selling and upselling. Power BI identifies trends and enables you to build brand champions, so your message and reputation is enhanced.

D365 ensures:
- Identification and logging of cases, so your team can facilitate resolution.
- Real-time documentation to avoid duplication.
- Campaign management includes AI reporting on: Leads, opportunities, costs and ROI.
Private Sector

Fin Tech Financial

Microsoft's technological vision ensures Fin Tech will be equipped with fail-safe solutions now and into the future. Security, agility and reliability are key factors, and fast-flowing conversations are guaranteed with real-time documentation.

D365 delivers:
- Built-in multi-layered security controls, and unique threat intelligence from Azure.
- Optimizing company profiles and automating segmentation by activity sector.
- Using AI, relevant content is enhanced improving client targeting.
Private Sector


Improve productivity with actionable insights using AI. Products produced or managed within supply chain management, all require version management and comprehensive control, ensuring consistency through the product lifestyle management (PLM) process.

D365 will:
- Drive innovation with operational insights using AI.
- Stay ahead of supply chain management with real-time reporting.
- Categorise attributes for every product created, a configurable range of unit types are supported.
Private Sector

Cleaning Services

Inturi has a pre-built solution specifically for Cleaning Services and Service Engineers. The Inturi Service App is quick to set up and easy to use. It is compatible with all devices and integrates with D365, so you switch seamlessly between platforms.

D365 enables you to:
- Keep track of appointments easily, even on-the-move.
- Track service time and help identify under or overestimates.
- Provide real-time insights and drill down to configurable reporting on demand.
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