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The Education vertical will encompass all the data entities you will need whether you are a University, FE College, or School. 

All sectors have had to rapidly change tactic since Covid 19, but none more so than education. Although our young adults are perhaps more adaptable than us, this is still a worrying time for them, as career paths seem on hold.

Academics and lecturers don’t just ‘teach’ they provide wise counsel for students – so staying connected has never been more important.

Dynamics 365 is particularly suited to the education sector as it’s a cloud-based platform and can be accessed across all media. Transferring data from teacher to student, and vice versa is instantaneous and secure using the Teams App, which most people are familiar with, and secure portals.

Access can be granted with role-based permissions for all users, from administration, lecturers/teachers to parents/caregivers and pupils/students.

Using D365 as a hub for all your data means that administration, academics and lecturers can all benefit from a see-at-a-glance 360-degree view of each pupil/student, throughout their pupil/student journey with you.

Dynamics 365 portal - Schools dashboard

The Dynamics 365 portal for schools, can be skinned to look like your website, so pupils & parents/careers can access a secure network to check progress and update pertinent information, like medical records etc.

Rich reporting is standard for all personas and data can be viewed across all media devices so lines of communication are always open. At the core of the education accelerator, you will have entities for the following which can be finely tuned for your establishment’s needs: 

Account Test typeTest score
Course History Registration statusCourse
Contact Course sectionAcademic period
Extracurricular ActivityAddress / Customer addressAcademic period details
ParticipantsProgram levelEducation level
Program InternshipArea of study
Student Status Internship applications
Accomplishments Previous education
Student Program Type Scholarship applicant
Scholarship Area of interest

These are the Higher Education and University extra entities:

GrantStudent resourceProgram version
Grant applicationRecommended resourceProgram version requirement
Program version detail

And these are the extra entities for Schools:

AttendanceGrading periodIncident type
Incident actionBehavior incidentsIntervention
Intervention participantsEducation contentAssessment
Assessment itemStudent assessment responseLearning standards

Forms, Portals and Apps 

There are also forms, dashboards and apps which can be customised so solutions can be built quickly and easily.  

  • Forms act as a record of progress or accomplishment and give advisors a 360-degree view. 
  • Portals enable students/parents/care givers and potential enrollees to add documents and information that is stored directly in MS Dynamics 365 CRM. 
  • Apps facilitate administrators, lecturers/teachers and partners to push and pull data from Dynamics 365 cloud-based CRM instantaneously.   



The student form will act as a record for the whole of the pupil/student lifecycle, including alumni. All test scores and progress can be seen and gauged, so ongoing support can be provided. They can also be used for tracking the progress of, for example, applications or grants. Like the student internship application status form. 

Dynamics 365 Higher Education - student form

Here the student Adam Decker, can see and update his details, he can also see his progress to date, and click through this section to more in-depth information pertaining to his student journey.

Dynamics 365 Student - internship application status form

This form tracks progress, in a see-at-glance graph - as each aspect is completed the red dots are filled across the top bar.

Student & Parent/Pupil User Portals 

Student & parent/pupil user portals are designed for user experience and accessibility. Access can seemingly be through your website, so students/pupils/parents caregivers will have a go to place to log-in. Upon logging in, on a website page, they will transfer seamlessly to the secure portal, where they will be able to: 

Schools level (for pupils and their parents/careers):

  • View personalised progress 
  • Check attendance 
  • Plan and book extracurricular activities 

HE & University level:

  • Arrange virtual meetings with tutors. 
  • View personalised progress 
  • Change contact details 

Dynamics 365 Parent/Student portal - weekly attendance to classes

Parents and carers, can see attendance, so they have more immediate involvement.

Dynamics 365 Parent/Student portal - page showing medical records etc.

Parents and carers will be able to keep the school updated of changes, whether it is medical or simply a change of address.

Dynamics 365 Parent/Student portal - page showing coursework

Parents and carers, can see progress, so they have more immediate involvement.

Dynamics 365 Student portal for Uni & HE - dashboard

This is a sample opening dashboard where a student can see each separate entity that they will need. They can click in to these aspects to see timetables, get results, upload work and alter forms as necessary.

Dynamics 365 Student portal for Uni & HE - success path page

This page shows the student their progress.

Model driven App for Education Establishment Administrators 

Administrators can access all information to be able to make informed decisions to support students. Using an instinctual dashboard, they can drill down into the detail of all the aspects that make up the student’s day, from their course choices, attendance, internships, accomplishments, interventions, assessments, behavior-incidents, and extracurricular activities. 

Dynamics 365 Administrator Dashboard - attendance overview dashboard

This dashboard can be clicked-though to find more detail on each class and their attendance over-all, as well as individual attendance records.

Dynamics 365 Administrator - maths attendance screen

This page is accessed by clicking through from the dashboard.

Dynamics 365 Administrator - active course selection screen

This screen shows course name, campus and timetable details.

Dynamics 365 Administrator - extra curricular activities screen

This screen shows Extra curricular activities and would be useful across Schools, HE & Universities.

Dynamics 365 Administrator - active internships screen

This is a MS Dynamics 365, HE or University screen with Active internships.

Business Partner Dashboard 

For universities who have engagement with outside business. Partners can be given access to the information relevant to them, for example, students interest in opportunities and applications for grants and scholarships. 


For Universities and FE marketing is becoming increasingly important and competitive. MS Dynamics 365 is highly adaptable and can integrate with marketing platforms. We have recently been working with a prominent university who have used disparate marketing platforms across different campuses. We have helped them consolidate what they really need for all and are rolling out a new approach for them. 

Platforms like ClickDimensions, MailChimp and DotDigital can be integrated which means all of the collateral and the results are fed back into MS Dynamics 365, so marketeers see a 360-degree view of campaigns. The B2C environment can be viewed, and marketing funnels followed –giving you a results driven system. 

Tight integration with Office 365

Office 365 (now known as MS365) also has tight integration with Dynamics 365, so you can take advantages of all the programs, you’ll already know, like Word and Excel, with the added advantage of them being in near real-time, so files can be shared using Share Point. The Teams App has further evolved for 2021, to make it even more adapted for hybrid working. Read more…


Deployed in stages

Please feel you can get in touch for a chat about the elements involved for your education establishment. Note that Dynamics is deployed in stages, this means that there won’t be a massive upheaval – as we deploy, for example, campus by campus, and each time we deploy we then listen to your feed-back and tweak any aspects that are needed – so the final outcome is totally in tune with what you require, for now and for the future.

We have been working with Clare Kay, CEO of Inturi, for many years. We find communication is easy with Clare as she can explain things that are highly technical in a clear and concise way.
Nikki Riddle - Marketing Manager
The Licences I have presently are at manageable costs and I know I can scale up over the years by buying more. The advice I have had from Inturi has been invaluable and I will consult further with them as my business scales.

The Dynamics 365 healthcare vertical and has everything we need, meaning that it can be configured to a bespoke structure for us. In addition, all system updates from Microsoft will automatically transfer to our cloud-based CRM
PronoKal UK - Doctor Philip Bazire
Receiving both positive and negative feedback from our customers has always been really important in helping us to minimise client churn and in providing us with testimonials and reviews.

The new system allows branches to receive all feedback from the surveys in real-time.
Paul Stairmand - Senior Marketing Manager
Toby, Clare and the team at Inturi constantly provide helpful solutions to how Businesses can operate more seamlessly and efficiently. Cant help but to be impressed.
Clover HR - Michael Doolin
Great, knowledgeable team that managed to deliver to our tight timeframe. Would recommend.
Cowry Solutions - Nigel Ridpath
Close contact with the development team, listening to their explanations, meant that I acquired a deeper understanding of the platform and was thus able to help my employees move seamlessly from the old to the new Dynamics 365 CRM. My team took to it immediately and the feedback from them was duly fed back to Inturi, who used it to further enhance the user experience.
PronoKal UK - Doctor Philip Bazire
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.
Vietec - Danielle Connelly
Excellent friendly service, created the best solution to meet our needs, highly recommended.
Clover - C L Howitt
We have been working with the team at Inturi for over 6 months and they have significantly opened our eyes to the possibilities available to us through their knowledge on digital transformation, CRM and Microsoft technologies.

They have guided, advised and managed our own APP development ideas, and are very much our preferred technology partner.
Benjamin Drew - Director of Innovation & Skills
The Inturi team assured me that their adaptation of the Dynamics 365 environment would always be under my control. I have the assurance of knowing that another Microsoft partner would be able to step in - I would like to add, that I have no reason to think that I would part with Inturi though.
PronoKal UK - Doctor Philip Bazire
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