Keep your productivity alive with a free trial of Microsoft Teams, usually £9.40/month

Things are a little uncertain at the moment, and as both local and global events and restrictions continue to unfold businesses need to react to the unknown. Microsoft Teams is designed to keep your team on the go, wherever they are.


  • Instant Messenger
  • Video Calling
  • Document Sharing
  • Integrated Calendar Invitations
  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile applications
  • Easy Access to:


    • Recent conversations
    • Decisions
    • Approvals
    • Presentations
    • Information


Microsoft Teams helps you work faster with less email clutter. A cloud-based, secure closed-loop hub to relay communications and information between employees. To find out more and for help getting set up with your free trial give us a call today. Contact or call 01299 382957

*Free trial available for up to 1,000 users