Business Central Accounting Software

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 have developed accounting software that’s an all-in-one business management solution. Business Central is easy to use and adapt to, as it integrates with Excel and all the apps you are already using from the Microsoft family. With flexibility at the core, it easily scales as your business grows, keeping projects on schedule and under budget. 


‘Streamline your processes with real-time reporting and connect your teams so they can collaborate on projects and make timely and informed decisions’. 

Financial Visibility
  • Connect data across accounting, sales, purchasing, stock and customer transactions.
  • Streamline sales ledger and accounts payable.
  • Comprehensive data modelling and analysis.
  • Seamless Excel integration.
Boost Sales & Improve Service
  • Prioritise Sales Leads based on revenue potential.
  • Accelerate the process from quote to cash.
  • Create an overview of your service tasks, workloads and employee skills.
Deliver Projects
  • Create, Manage and Track projects.
  • Plan resource capacity.
  • Real-time insights on project status.
  • Resource-usage metrics.
  • Grant and restrict personal data with multiple level access.
  • Implement audit trails.
  • Handle, store and transmit data securely with automatic encryption.
Work Anywhere
  • Consistent, intuitive experience across Windows, Android or iOS for mobile access.
Optimise supply chain
  • Predict optimal times to replenish stock.
  • A holistic view of stock – track every item.
  • Optimise manufacturing capacity and resource.
Power Apps

Power Apps are available from Inturi Technology Solutions, which sit alongside your Dynamics 365 platform. They encompass portals which can be used by employees and customers to speed up data-driven processes. Licences for these are based on API.

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