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Dynamics 365 is a leading CRM and ERP platform consisting of scalable software modules suitable for the small business through to global enterprise. It provides a complete business management tool for every organisation. 

Inturi works with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite for a number of reasons: the system is a market leader, highly flexible and highly configurable. Making it the right choice for so many business and organisation types. Dynamics 365 is a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader and Forrester Wave Sales Automation leader. It comes with the security and usability you would expect from Microsoft and the modular system means businesses can choose the most relevant features. 



Intelligent software to boost your sales effort


The perfect system for personalising relationships, managing the sales funnel and increasing sales, further enhance the process with AI-powered insights. 

Dynamics 365 for:

  • Sales
  • AI for Sales

Field Service

Today’s customers expect great service from agents and systems alike. Microsoft provides a range of solutions that will enable your business to exceed expectations

Dynamics 365 for:

  • Customer Service
  • Customer Service Insights 
  • Project Service Automation
  • Field Service
  • Remote Assistant 

Field Service

Software to support customers and colleagues with self-service and automation.

Finance and Operations

For large organisations with long supply chains and major operations.

Finance and Operations

Microsoft has revolutionised ERP technology for large enterprise organisations. Developing solutions that optimise supply chain management and unify digital and in-store operations. 

Dynamics 365 for: 

  • Finance and Operations ​
  • Retail


With native integration to LinkedIn, Microsoft’s range of apps for recruitment and talent management will ensure your business hires and retains the best talent. 

Dynamics 365 for: 

  • Talent: Attract
  • Talent: Onboard
  • Talent: Core HR


For all your businesses recruitment needs. 


Amplify your messaging and grow your audience.


Two leading technology providers have partnered to deliver a marketing suite powerhouse. From connected customer experience to running multi-channel campaigns, to AI-powered insights, there is a solution available to support your business’s growth. 


  • Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Marketing
  • Market Insights

Business Central

Get an end-to-end view of your business and benefit from all the available modules in one comprehensive system. 

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central

All-in-one Business Management

Combine the power of all Dynamics 365 solutions and apps into one seamlessly connected suite of business management tools. 

What next?

The benefit of working with a consultant like Inturi is that we can take the hard work out of your research, by providing you with product demos, pricing and licensing options. Then, when you are ready to proceed, we can launch the new system ensuring it is correctly integrated with existing systems and precisely configured to your needs. To find out more, please contact us below. 

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