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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a leading CRM and ERP platform consisting of scalable softwaresuitable for the small business through to global enterprise. It provides a complete business management tool for every organisation. 

It comes with the security and usability you would expect from Microsoft, with verticals created for all sectors: 

Sales Management

The perfect system for personalising your customer relationships, managing the sales funnel and increasing sales. Further, enhance the sales process with AI-powered customer insights. 

D365 enables: 

  • A 360-degree view of customers. 
  • Real-time data, which avoids duplication. 
  • Compatibility with all media platforms.
Automated Service

Today’s customers expect great service from agents and systems alike. Microsoft provides a range of solutions that will enable your business to exceed expectations. 

D365 is:

  • Compatible with all media platforms, making it ideal for field sales. 
  • Customer Service friendly, with portals for your customers to log-in, thus reducing your admin.  
  • Automated so service engineers and customers can be contacted using SMS and email.  
Finance and Operations insights

Revolutionising CRM and ERP technology for large enterprise organisations, D365 will optimise your supply chain management. Real-time statistics will unify digital and in-store operations. 

D365 gives you control, with:

  • A 360-degree view for Finance and Operations. 
  • Your own Apps, used across all platforms, for stock control. 
  • Your own Apps for In-store digital capabilities in real-time.
Integrates with external platforms

Native integration to all well-used and respected platforms. For example, Go Fund Me for Not For Profit and fundraising, see the video.

D365 integrates external platforms across all sectors:

  • LinkedIn – for recruitment and talent management.
Marketing Functionality

Two leading technology providers have partnered to deliver a marketing suite powerhouse. Microsoft and ClickDimensions combine seamlessly to deliver connected customer experience.  

D365 and ClickDimensions enables:

  • Running multi-channel campaigns. 
  • Receiving real-time AI-powered insights to spot trends. 
  • Compatible with legacy and external platforms eg. Mailchimp, Hootesuite. 

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