Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is no longer an option for financial institutions but critical to their success. A great CRM system helps businesses provide optimum customer service, generate leads, and manage data.


The top benefits of CRM


Enhanced customer service: The main objective of using a CRM system in a financial institution is to engage customers. Apart from individuals who purchase financial products or services, partners, donors, and other stakeholders are also the other customers of the institution. CRM systems enable organizations to better understand these customers. CRM creates a single truth about each relationship that is accessible from a consistent interface wherever people work. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is best suited for financial institutions due to its scalability, scope and flexibility.


The Dynamics CRM enables


  • Use AI enabled service bots to free staff to engage in high-value interactions
  • Customers to quickly and easily connect through omni-channel options.
  • Resolve issues in quick time with the help of predictive care and data analysis
  • Improve customer service based on insights from survey feedback, social listening and discussion forums
  • Get 360 degree customer view to deliver optimum value with every interaction


Cut costs and boost operational efficiency: CRMs help your institution cut costs by streamlining proposals and automating repetitive administrative tasks. The right technology enables bankers to handle more accounts in a given time. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can automate processes that deliver optimal service engagement experiences. While AI guides your business decisions, you can rely on the cloud platform to minimize operating costs.


Work from anywhere: Remote working is an increasingly common aspect of modern agile companies. Microsoft Dynamics CRM system is available as cloud-based hosting or on-premise with your team being able to access the CRM from any location, at any time.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM suite seamlessly integrates with other tools including SharePoint, Outlook or Office 365 apart from Xero, Adobe Document Cloud, and Sage. This means, you can manage all the data in one location.


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