Are you considering changing your CRM like Pipedrive, Hubspot or Zoho?

Here are some of the reasons why customers end up moving away and looking at Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • We are spending more than we realised, especially when adding on the costs of 3rd party supplier APPS.
  • We have to manage more users, and this has created complexities around our current CRM system.
  • The support we receive comes from an online support forum.
  • We now realise that we need better features from a CRM system as our business grows.
  • Outlook Email syncing doesn’t always work and now we are missing details on our system.
  • We now ending up using too many bolt-ons and it’s not robust.
  • Even with a CRM we are still using spreadsheets and e-mails, which is becoming unmanageable.
  • We are having performance issues and slow downs.
  • Our Freemium CRM is becoming a risk to our business as we expand.
  • Reporting has become difficult now that we have become part of a larger organisation.


As a Microsoft Business Partner we will consider your company’s goals, teams and budget, unearthing the features that you need from your new CRM system.

We will then discuss the complexities that your business is facing, and be happy to set up a demonstration. This will enable you to compare features and discuss your requirements, showing you the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

To arrange a demo or a chat just contact us