Looking for the perfect CRM solution for your engineering firm? Studies show that many professional services firms such as architecture, engineering and construction firms often find it challenging to implement CRM systems successfully. Many current CRM systems are flawed, which make them unsuitable for engineering firms. These flaws include lack of innovation and focus on industry needs, not designed to be a trusted system, lack of integration with other platforms, overcomplicated,  unfriendly user interface and poor ROI (return on investment).

A smart CRM for engineers/engineering firms

From implementing a new product idea to data management, engineers need a smart CRM system that enables them to manage their projects efficiently. The key factors they are looking for in a CRM system are precision and reliability while retaining a sharp focus on customer requirements.

We, at Inturi Technologies, as the leading Microsoft Business Partner, is tuned into the CRM requirements of engineers and engineering firms, which are:

  • Comprehensive project planning
  • Efficient project management
  • Centrally managed project information and customer data
  • Streamlined communication with employees and project partners without information getting lost
  • Scheduled calendar dates for stock refills, customer visits, client meetings
  • Centralised management of customer information with easy access for all engineers to customer data
  • Cloud storage of customer data and actionable insights
  • Seamless integration with existing platforms

We have implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM system for engineers and engineering firms that fully integrates all of the staff seamlessly into work processes. With the advantage of mobility and flexibility, your staff can access the platform through their mobile devices, making it convenient for remote workers. With powerful project management capabilities, Dynamics 365 enables you to retain optimal control of all your projects.

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