We hear you when you say “We are worried about the security of customer data,” “Without CRM, our sales process suffers from poor efficiency,” and “Can a CRM system tie up all the loose ends in our heavily regulated processes?”

The solution lies in Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is a powerful platform that helps you meet the banking sector’s CRM needs.

The key challenges for the banking sector

For the finance sector, some of the key requirements in CRM include:

  • To be able to see customers as individuals rather than as groups.
  • To segment money services into seamless sectors for different money transactions.
  • To easily identify mis-transactions and other issues if they arise with a client.
  • To be able to immediately notify staff of such mis-transactions with real-time analytics.
  • Standardise communication between employees in all roles and among on-site and off-site staff.
  • To protect customers’ sensitive personal information.
  • To integrate with other platforms and third-party software, including XERO, banking software, DocuSign, invoicing sites and email.
  • To build strong relationships and trust with customers.
  • To offer data-backed financial advice to customers.

Dynamics CRM: Comprehensive support

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM software provides a comprehensive tool for the financial sector, including banks, wealth management firms and investment bankers, which removes the need for juggling between various tools to manage customer data and experience.

Dynamics 365 CRM offers a holistic 360-degree view of individual customers, accounts, marketing segmentation and service enquiries. With an instantaneous view of your customer, you can:

  • Provide accurate and faster services
  • Make informed decisions with data insights
  • Understand customers’ preferences with respect to communication
  • Offer personalised products to target groups
  • Use data analytics to provide financial advice

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