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Inturi Technology Solutions, a Microsoft Partner, have 20+ years’ experience as a Management and CRM Consultancy practice.



Our focus is on providing you, the client, with advice and guidance in determining the most cost-effective solution for your digital transformation – for the present and future. 

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Our objective is to provide robust and scalable solutions that meet your business needswhether you are creating a new system or have a legacy system that needs integrating.  

‘We always enjoy the first conversation with a client because usually with-in minutes of talking through your ‘business pains and plans’ a suitable pathway becomes apparent. If you have legacy or disparate platforms, we can invariably integrate them saving you time and money’.  

Remote working?

  • Keep your team connected using cloud-based CRM and business apps. 

  • Work in real-time, across all media, avoiding duplication of effort. 

  • Automate and integrate your systems using rapid configuration. 

  • Move seamlessly between integrated legacy platforms and sector-specific external platforms, collating the data you need in a 360-degree view. 

working securely? 

  • All files and data reside in the Uk cloud, adhering to GDPR and privacy policies.

  • Control permissions and access across your organisation and withdraw access when employees leave.

  • Limit features and functions based on role types. 

disparate systems?

  • Integrate your legacy systems with the Microsoft platform using the powerful automation suite. 

  • Decrease costs through efficient data handling, with 360-degree views, and AI insights.

  • Migrate data seamlessly to your cloud-based system using import templates. Utilising CSV files. 

Digital transformation? 

  • Streamline, improve and automate your processes using technology. 

  • Open new lines of communication across all media with your team. 

  • Automate repetitive time-consuming tasks. 

  • Reduce data handling by creating automated processes.

Project rescue? 

  • Has your project stalled, so you need help getting going again? Give us a call.

  • Struggling with your existing supplier and need independent advice? Call for a chat.

  • Has your project been delivered but not delivering? We can help you get back on track. 

CTO service? 

  • After project delivery Inturi can offer  CTO as a service, keeping you ahead of the game.  

  • SME’s often can’t afford a CTO. Inturi can strategize and define the technical road map for your business. 

  • Save money and reduce risk by engaging CTO as a service. Inturi will ensure that you access a network of other trusted partners to fill any specific technical gapsEg. VOIP 

Cost reduction? 

  • Create a scalable, cost-effective solution, that grows with your business. 

  • Add Licenses as you take on more staff, these can be as little as £7.50p/m 

  • Integrate legacy systems to one CRM hub, so manual handling is reduced.

  • Find out more about the Licenses that you already have to gain access to further features and benefits. 

Our solutions

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform acts as your hub and has the ability to flex and adapt as you grow.  

We will always recommend configuration over customisation, wherever possible, to ensure your business platform is low maintenance and stable. 

Based in Bewdley, Inturi embrace the old and champion the new

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